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Install Solar Power On Your Farm

Installing a solar system in a farming environment is not only a good way to reduce power consumption and the associated costs involved with running a farm but it also creates a smarter way of farming.

At Central Solar Services, we design, supply and install a range of commercial solar systems for farming operations. Our expert team can help you determine the necessary size and design of your farm solar system. This includes determining the load profile for electricity on your farm, which areas are best suited for rooftop or ground installation, and the estimated savings.

Farm solar panels Townsville

Solar systems are not limited to just the roof of a house, we can adapt any system to farm shed rooves or even a free stand Ground Mount system. These systems can generate energy free from the sun and feed things like farm sheds, small living quarters, pumps, etc.

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We can help you with smarter farming options and advanced cost saving techniques. Get in touch with us today.

farm solar power system - solar farming Townsville

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