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Residential Solar Panel Installation

At Central Solar Services, we specialise in the installation and maintenance of residential solar systems in Townsville and North QLD.

Our team of accredited and licensed solar installers have over 10 years of experience in every facet of the solar industry.

We know how much it has changed over the last 5-10 years especially and we are ready to help guide you through the process of choosing and installing the right solar system for your home.

For reliable and professional advice on solar panel installation for your home, get in touch with us online today or call us on 0455 508 418.

What Size Solar Panel System Do I Need For My Home?

For homeowners thinking of installing solar power in Townsville, one of the most common questions is what sized solar panels do I need for my home? The right size solar panel system for your home will mostly depend on your home’s energy usage habits. If your household consumes a significant amount of energy, then you’ll likely need a larger system.

The amount of electricity you use during daylight vs nighttime hours will also affect the size of the system you need and whether you’ll require battery storage.

solar panels installed on home roof - residential solar panels Townsville

Custom Designed Residential Solar Panels

Our energy consultants don’t install the same size system for every roof, we understand that no two individuals or households are identical. We take pride in our customer service and designing the right system to suit each and every one of our customers. 

What kinds of assistance is there for residential solar panels?

Small scale technology certificates (STCS) apply to residential solar installations, STCS are issued with qualifying solar systems and are redeemed for a dollar value that is deducted from the quote to the customer for a solar system.

You can also get paid by your energy provider for the power you sell back to the grid.

We also offer a finance option for purchasing solar or batteries through Ratesetter.

For more advice on financial assistance for solar power installations for your home, get in touch with us today.

Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

Regardless of the Feed In Tariffs, Solar can be cost-effective for each and every household. By reducing your demand for electricity from the grid, you’ll be able to reduce your power bills. While excess energy produced from your panels can also be sold back to the grid.

If there is no one at home during the day we can still develop ways to save you money by:

  • Implementing Energy Management Strategies into the home.
  • Load Shifting (Changing night time loads such as hot water systems, pool pumps, dishwashers, washing machines, to daytime usage)
  • Provide our customers with the right size system for the household.

Residential Solar Servicing

Our expertise certainly does not stop at installing, we specialise in the testing/fault finding/repairs of existing solar panel systems, warranty works (depending on the manufacturer), system safety checks, routine maintenance checks and cleaning.

For expert solar panel installation for your home, get in touch with our team at Central Solar Services. Contact us via the enquiry form below or call us on 0455 508 418.

residential solar panel installed on Townsville home


How do residential solar panels work?

Solar panels capture the energy produced by sunlight and convert it into energy through a photovoltaic (PV) system. Solar panels generate direct current electricity which is then converted to alternating current electricity by the solar inverter. This is what allows your home and appliances to use the electricity produced.

What can affect the amount of solar energy received for my home?

The amount of energy produced from your solar panels will depend on the strength of solar energy available, the amount of sunlight blocked either by cloud, dust, shade or water vapour, and the overall quality of the PV panels.

What is a feed-in tariff?

A feed-in tariff is the amount paid to household’s for the energy they send back to the grid. In Queensland, the average feed-in tariff is approximately 6-12c/kWh, however this depends on the specific retailer.

What if my energy requirements increase?

If your energy consumption increases, or you would like to increase the amount of electricity produced from solar, we can help you upgrade your system to new requirements.

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