Commercial Solar Townsville

Commercial Solar Power For Your Business

Over the last few years large scale solar projects across a diverse range of business and commercial establishments have boomed. Increasing numbers of business owners are realising they have the ability to cover a large portion of their power bills due to a number of different things:

  • Solar power generates throughout the day and for most businesses (who operate from 7-5pm) this is the bulk of their power consumption.
  • Large scale systems are now a lot more affordable than they once were.
  • Business owners can depreciate the system on their tax.

Custom Designed Commercial Solar Solutions

Simply by evaluating your power bills/energy consumption and determining the ratio of daytime usage as opposed to night time usage we can design a system from as small as 5KW up to in excess of 100KW.

Our energy consultant can evaluate and audit your business, free of charge, and design a system that incorporates both what you and your business need.

commercial solar power Townsville

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