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Important points to consider when purchasing a Solar System:

  • A solar system is a long term investment, the Solar panels and the Inverter are the two most important parts of your investment, make sure they are quality and reliable products/brands.
  • Ensure you are getting a system that's the right size for you. We supply an individualised quote to each and every one of our customers free of charge. 
  • Work out exactly much your system has the potential to save you, so you have complete understanding and control over your investment. We can work all of this out for you. 
  • Allow room for growth, expansion and the addition of battery storage to your system. We can provide you with all these options to help you in designing a system that will combat rising power prices and cover any future additions to your home or business.

Solar Inverter

ABB Inverter:

ABB has one of the widest portfolios of solar inverters ranging from small micro-inverters and three-phase string inverters up to megawatt-sized central inverters. This extensive range of solar inverters is suitable for the smallest residential photovoltaic (PV) systems right up to multi-megawatt PV power plants.
The offering is complemented by various monitoring solutions as well as a global service network to maximize the return on your investment.
ABB solar inverters utilize over 40 years of experience and advances made in inverter and power converter technology that have contributed to ABB becoming the world leader in frequency converters, and also one of the largest suppliers of wind turbine converters.

ABB Solar Power Inverter - Solar Power Townsville, QLD

SMA Inverter:

SMA Solar Power Inverter - Solar Power Townsville, QLD

Easily Produce and Use Your Own Energy
Your PV system produces inexpensive electricity just for you. Use what you need and feed the rest into the utility grid. 
With SMA inverters, communication solutions and our comprehensive range of services, you can be sure that your PV system will produce as much solar power as possible.
That pays off for you: You consume approximately a third of your self-generated solar power and will therefore be more independent from increasing electricity prices. As a result you can save several hundred dollars per year.
In addition, with our innovative communication solutions you can monitor your PV system around the clock, control your electricity consumption and compare notes with other PV system operators.

Advantages at a Glance:
-You save electricity costs
-You make yourself more independent from rising electricity prices
-You can keep track of your electricity consumption, which gives you an overview and helps you save energy and money
-You can increase the value of your property and protect the environment
-You can upgrade your PV system at any time by adding storage or integrating additional targeted loads.